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Bazaruto Archipelago

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The Bazaruto Archipelago spans 1,430 km2 of sandy white beached tropical islands off the coast of Mozambique. These islands are not crowded with tourists, making them the perfect destination for a romantic escape.

These rich marine ecosystems are home to many endemic species and offer some of the best snorkelling and diving in the World with visitors coming to see megafaunas such as whales, sharks, rays, dolphins and turtles. The main attraction, however, is unspoilt sandy white beaches and the dugongs. The region is home to the last population of dugongs (manatees) in the Indian Ocean.

The archipelago consists of five main islands: Bazaruto, Benguera (also spelt Benguerra), Magaruque, Ilha do Paraíso) and tiny Bangué. The region forms part of one of the largest marine national parks in Africa – the Bazaruto National Park.

The islands are home to wildlife as well, including red duiker, bushbuck and crocodiles. The islands are a refuge for many species of birds including flamingos. Most guests have to fly into the islands and this is a very expensive flight which makes the costs of a holiday here expensive. The islands are uncrowded and offer the perfect destination for honeymooners and those wanting to explore off the beaten track.

Some of the near lying islands can be reached by boat from Vilankulos and can even be reached by a dhow cruise.


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