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Chobe National Park

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A safari in Chobe National Park in Botswana is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Chobe experience is all about the river. It is the only permanent source of water in the region, so it attracts a high concentration of wildlife. This is especially true during the dry winter months from June to November when the area is home to the largest concentration of Elephants on Earth. Herds in their hundreds come down to drink and swim in the river. The park is also famous for its huge herds of Buffalo. It is the only place in Botswana where the Puku and Chobe Buffalo can be seen.

Game viewing during your holiday in Botswana revolves around the river with popular sunset river cruises. Game drives allow visitors to explore farther in the region in search of predators such as prides of Lions or the elusive endangered African Wild Dogs.

Some visitors will explore farther into the famed Savute region, known for its vanishing river called the Savute Channel which has flowed and then disappeared for years at a time due to tectonic movement in the Earth’s crust here. This area of the park is known for its Lion sightings and a specialist pride of Lions which taught themselves to hunt Elephants.

Access: How to get to Chobe National Park

One of the main entry points for a safari in Botswana is through the town of Kasane. This is the main entry point into the Chobe National Park. It is about an hour’s drive from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and an hour’s flight from the international hub of Johannesburg in South Africa.

There are only a few lodges within the park, but most accommodation in the Chobe National Park are found scattered along the riverfront in Kasane. There are several 5-star luxury lodges as well as luxury houseboat options on the Namibian side of the park.


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