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Come and discover one of the most beautiful beaches in the World at Diani Beach, which has 17 kilometres of sandy white beaches. Relax under the palm trees while sipping a refreshing drink after having a dip in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Diani is popular with honeymooners and as an addon to relax on the beach after a busy Kenyan safari


A day trip to the Marine Park is a great way to swim with dolphins, see turtles and spot whale sharks in season. Take a trip out in an ancient traditional boat called a dhow and take in the spectacular sunset. Adventure seekers can enjoy kitesurfing and wind-surfing along the coast, while the daredevils can go sky diving. The many restaurants and bars in the town of Diani offer a thriving night scene for those looking for a party.


Diani offers a range of accommodation options to suit all different tastes from budget-friendly to luxury retreats. While some areas are bustling, and busy other areas of Diani offer a quiet retreat away from the crowds.


Access: How to get to Diani Beach

Most visitors will fly into Diani from Nairobi to Mombasa and get a transfer to Diani. Visitors can also fly directly to Mombasa from overseas. After landing an option is to catch the Likoni Ferry to Diani which takes about 10 minutes but the wait to board the ferry can take 1 hour. Road transfers take about 45 minutes. Charter flights can be arranged to Ukunda Airport which is just 5 minutes outside of Diani.


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