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Gombe stream national park

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Gombe Stream National Park gained fame through the work of conservationist Jane Goodall through her work with Chimpanzees. Visitors can see some of the 150 Chimps which live in the park. The matriarch Fifi, the last surviving member of the original community – that was only three-years-old when Goodall first set foot in Gombe – is still regularly seen by visitors. The park lies in west Tanzania on the banks of Lake Tanganyika and borders with Congo. The park is covered in lush tropical forests. Hiking and swimming are also popular activities once the day’s chimpanzee trek is complete. 


The main attraction is to see the Chimpanzees and guided walks to visit the families can take an entire morning. This is one of the few places in Africa visitors can see Chimps in their natural habitat. Spending time with these creatures which we share so much in common with is an incredible experience. Vervet and colobus monkeys, baboons, forest pigs and small antelopes inhabit the dense forest, in addition to a wide variety of tropical birdlife. You may also spot bush pigs and elephants, as well as the occasional hippo.


Those who want to go snorkelling can swim among hundreds of different brightly coloured cichlids which live in this freshwater lake.


Access: How to get to Gombe Stream National Park

Access is via boat from Kigoma where there are regular connecting flights from Dar es Salaam. We recommend visitors stay for two days to help ensure sightings of the chimps. During the wet seasons from February to June and November to mid-December, the chimps tend not to venture as far, making spotting them a little easier.


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