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Laikipia conservancy

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The Laikipia region lies in the north-west of the country and is gaining a reputation for Kenya safaris which rival the great Masai Mara in the west. It is a vast network of ranches the size of Wales which is home to more endangered species than anywhere else in Kenya. These ranches are not bound by the same rules, so a greater number of safari activities are on offer, such as walking safaris and camel or horseback safaris.


Several ranches have gained worldwide recognition for their conservation work such as Ol Pejeta home of the last remaining northern white rhino and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. Many lodges here are smaller and more community-focused providing income for local communities in conjunction with saving wildlife. The region is also home to the Samburu and Llaikipiak tribes which are renowned for their colourful dress.


Access: How to get to Laikipia Conservancy

Three airstrips service the scheduled safari flights into Laikipia; Nanyuki (the main one), Loisaba and Lewa Downs. Transfers from the airstrips to the safari lodges usually take under an hour. For the more remote lodges, visitors may want to charter a plane directly to their landing strips.


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