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These days visitors in search of flamingos will have better luck on Lake Bogoria as hundreds of thousands of Greater and Lesser flamingos gather here turning the lake completely pink, a truly magnificent sight. The shores are also home to plains game such as zebras, wildebeest and buffalo among other wildlife.


The whole Great Rift Valley in East Africa is subject to massive geological forces as the tectonic plates shift away from each other here. At Lake Bogoria visitors can see the power of the geothermal action at work through several impressive geysers and boiling springs which feed the Bogoria soda lake.


Access: How to get to Lake Bogoria

Lake Bogoria is located 250 kilometres/155mi from Nairobi. Bogoria is mostly combined with a trip to Lake Nakuru. There are no scheduled flights into Lake Bogoria although some private camps have airstrips and guests can book a charter flight.


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