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Lake Nakuru National Park

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The Lake Nakuru National Park is a small reserve around one of the smallest of the Great Rift Valley Lakes – Lake Nakuru. In the past, the lake has been home to millions of pink flamingos but climatic and local ecological issues have changed the lake and it is less attractive to the flamingos. 


There is still much to see in terms of game viewing and the story of the lake is testimony that as humans we can learn about our impact on natural wonders such as Lake Nakuru. The lake is still home to an incredible array of waterfowl such as pelicans, egrets, ducks and more, making it an ideal stop for those interested in birding.


A game drive in Nakuru is one of the best places to see graceful White Rhino grazing on the lakeshore with many waterfowl in the background during your Kenya Safari. A game drive in the park allows visitors excellent sightings of Buffalo and Zebra. The park is home to Lion which are often easy to find. There are no Elephants in the park due to its small size. Visitors come to the park to see the flamingos and take in the picturesque views.


Access: How to get to Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru is located 155 kilometres/96mi northwest of Nairobi and 5 kilometres/3mi from Nakuru town. Lake Nakuru can also be reached from several other parks. The distance from the Masai Mara is 235 kilometres/150mi and the driving time is about six hours. There are currently no scheduled flights to Nakuru.


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