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Nairobi national park - the world's only wildlife capital

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A short driving distance out of Nairobi city lies Kenya’s first gazeted Nairobi National Park and the only wildlife park in world that is a few kilometers away from the city earning it the name “the world’s only wildlife capital”. This unique location makes Nairobi National Park the starting point for almost all safaris in Kenya, including our 5 day Masai Mara Migration safari. It was officially opened in 1946, this former home of the Nomadic Maasai People. Many moons ago, as the conflict between human and wildlife was growing, the Kikuyu people who farmed the forested highlands above Nairobi, enchroached on the land by expanding farms. They carried fire arms at night to protect themselves against predators while grazers like giraffes and zebras ruined their farms. As time went on, the colonial government decided to confine animals to the expansive plains by setting up the west and south of Nairobi into a game reserve. To some residents, Isak Dinesen who was a settler and author of Out of Africa rode his horse among wildlife on the new gazzetted game reserve


Although, Nairobi National Park covers an area of 117.21 Km(45 square miles) small in size as in comparison to most of Africa’s national parks it has wide open grass plains and, scattered acacia bush with a backdrop of City’s forest of concrete that play host to over 100+ mammal species four of the Big Five are endangered solitary leopard, cheetah, black rhino, lion, giraffes and over 400+ species of resident birds some of which are migratory birds.


Attractions in Nairobi National Park

Due to its close proximity to the city, Nairobi National Park offers fewer activities compared to other parks. Because of our ethical approach on conservation we have put focus on activities where we mind the footprints our clients leave in place. We offer guided nature walks, birdwatching, the biggest drawcard being game viewing in private safari vehicles. The star attraction is the Black Rhinoceros.


Accommodation in Nairobi National Park

Although you may have several options of accommodation in Nairobi city at your disposal, staying in Nairobi National Park is a true wilderness experience.  The national park is a unique ecosystem listed as the only protect area in the world close to the city. What a better way to start your holiday to any East African Safari circuit while supporting conservation if choose to stay at Nairobi Tented Camp the only establishment in Nairobi National Park or the boutique Emakoko Lodge or Ololona Lodge that lie on the edge of the park.


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