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Okavango Delta

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The Okavango Delta has been called the Jewel of the Kalahari. It is a vast inland delta in the middle of the Kalahari Desert which provides a paradise for wildlife in the region. Flying into the heart of the Okavango is a magical experience. Visitors get a bird’s eye view of the expanse of palm islands spread out below, linked by the silver waterways of the delta.

The Okavango is remote, and many lodges can only be reached by small charter flights from Maun, so visitors have a truly private Bostwana safari in an untouched wilderness area. Take to the water and glide silently through the winding channels of the delta in a traditional canoe called a mokoro silently propelled by a poleman-cum-guide at the stern.

Encounter Lechwe antelope and rare Sitatunga antelope adapted to live in this wetland environment. Enjoy some of the best bird watching to be had in Africa while on guided bush walks on terra firma on the islands. Some areas of the delta are permanently surrounded by water and here game viewing is done by speedboat allowing explorations of the outlying islands. Hop aboard safari vehicles and explore further afield in search of the larger herbivores and predators which live in the region.

Access: How to get to Okavango Delta

The main entrance to the Okavango Delta is by charter flights from Maun to one of the many lodge airstrips in the Delta. Some lodges on the edge of the Okavango can be accessed by road. There is a main tar road which circles almost complexly around the Delta, passing the Tsodilo Hills and linking to the Caprivi Strip.


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