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Samburu National Reserve

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The Samburu region of Kenya is a bit off the beaten track but is getting more popular with visitors booking a safari in Kenya in recent years. The area is much drier than other parts of Kenya and several species are adapted to living in the arid semi-desert environment. The Ewaso Ngiro River is the lifeline for animals in the region attracting herds of elephants and zebra. The drier environs are home to Kudu antelope which are rare in East Africa. The region is home to five specialist species including the long-necked gerenuk, the Somali Ostrich, the Besia oryx, Reticulated Giraffe and Grevy’s zebra.


Access: How to get to Samburu National Reserve

Samburu is located 355km/220mi north of Nairobi. Self-drive to the reserve is an easy option and the driving time is about six hours. There are also daily scheduled flights from Nairobi to Samburu’s airstrip. Driving from Nakuru National Park is also an option. The distance is about 300km/190mi and the driving time is roughly five and a half hours.


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