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Our Fleet

Nziza Hospitality adheres to a strict self-imposed policy of high maintenance standards and reliable service delivery for all vehicles at all times by having our own workshops and service staff.
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The vehicles

Guests visiting East and Southern Africa are ensured that they will always be traveling in modern, clean safari vehicles appropriate for the relevant territory and itinerary. Our extensive fleet of vehicles consists of custom-built, specially modified four-wheel drive safari Land Cruisers and Nissan Patrols on all guided safaris.

In the warmer locations our 4WD Land Cruisers/Nissan Patrols are equipped with air-conditioning units, front and back, to keep you cool and comfortable at all times.

Our vehicles have roof hatches and high ground clearance to optimize all around visibility for game viewing and photography. A cool box, binoculars and wildlife reference books come standard in all vehicles. In addition, each vehicle is equipped with a mobile handset, giving countrywide communication with our tours manager, 24 hours a day.

Responsible driving taking into account personal safety, the welfare of animals, and minimum habitat disturbance is always considered and implemented.

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I'm a travel agent who works with tour operators and travel providers across the whole of Africa. Nziza Hospitality have helped me immensely in providing a 5-star experience for my clients, who come back raving about the experience and service they provide. They value ethics and professionalism very highly, and never fail to not only live up to expectations, but go above and beyond them whenever possible. Greg Gross




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