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Responsible travel

Together with our esteemed clients we ensure that we’re taking responsibility for our impact in these areas and contributing to, rather than diminishing, their health and values.
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Responsible Travel

If you are looking for a holiday or business destination has its eco-priorities in place – East and Southern Africa is the natural choice. We ensure our wealth is distributed in a way that’s beneficial to our staff, host communities, suppliers and key stakeholders, while achieving responsible and sustainable growth of Nziza Hospitality and its affiliates.

Nziza Hospitality two part strategy is to take a holistic view of our business and its various points of impact. This means looking beyond our balance sheet and to the areas to which our business is intrinsically linked: the environment, society, economy and governance/ethics.

Combined with our esteemed clients we ensure that we’re taking responsibility for our impact in these areas and contributing to, rather than diminishing, their health and values.

AMREF Flying Doctors

We partner with AMREF flying doctors and local organizations to tap into their areas of expertise and to ensure that we are addressing our social impacts adequately. Nziza Hospitality is an associate of AMREF OUTREACH PROGRAMME. The Outreach Programme and Charity Evacuations are possible from unused funds from our subscriptions scheme. All our packages are inclusive of a Tourist Scheme. This is a Low Cost Evacuation scheme designed for Tour & Safari Operators to enable them to cover our clients during their time in Kenya & Tanzania / East Africa.

AMREF’s Outreach Programe has been running since AMREF Flying Doctors were formed, when the founders started taking specialised health care to the most rural, remote and disadvantaged communities in the region.

From four hospitals in 1967, the Outreach Programme today serves 150 hospitals in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Somalia and Southern Sudan through 3 – 5 day visits.

Health clinics and hospitals in these rural areas support hundreds of people living in remote villages. The Outreach Programme is the most effective way of reaching a high number of patients and at the same time supervise, teach and to support the morale of the local staff who are responsible for community health in the area.

Conservation Through Public Health Community Programmes

Conservation Through Public Health, a grass roots, Uganda-based Non-Governmental Organization, in partnership with Uganda Wildlife Authority, established a field clinic for mountain gorillas and other animal species in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in 2005.

This was an initial step in the effort to establish a long-term wildlife health-monitoring system in Uganda. This wildlife health-monitoring system is to act as an early warning system for disease outbreaks. The clinic primarily analyzes gorilla fecal samples for parasites and, since its establishment in 2005, has grown to include in its remit livestock, park staff, and symptomatic humans from the Bwindi community.

The diagnostic testing capability of the field clinic has expanded to include Giardia spp and Cryptosporidium spp. One policy outcome of this project has been the adoption of regular gorilla fecal sample collection as a health-monitoring intervention in the Uganda Wildlife Authority’s annual operational plan.

Conservation Through Public Health is also planning to erect a “One Health” Gorilla Center, to accommodate extra tests, including polymerase chain reaction, for more accurate detection of cross-species transmission of bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens.

The main challenges for the clinic personnel are associated with the building’s remote location at the national park. Consequently, the diagnostic facility is not connected to the national electricity grid, which necessitates the use of a more expensive option for power, solar with the aid of a backup generator.

As part of your safari itinerary with gorilla tracking in Bwindi inclusive, all our clients will experience a day in the life of a Gorilla field researcher.Portions of your safari cost are proceeds to the gorilla research programmes.


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I'm a travel agent who works with tour operators and travel providers across the whole of Africa. Nziza Hospitality have helped me immensely in providing a 5-star experience for my clients, who come back raving about the experience and service they provide. They value ethics and professionalism very highly, and never fail to not only live up to expectations, but go above and beyond them whenever possible. Greg Gross




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