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Step back in history and tour Namibia’s only UNESCO World Heritage Site at Twyfelfontein which is famous for over 2500 rock etchings and paintings by the San People. They are the best-preserved etchings in Africa and are remarkable in that many predate the Stone Age. The site is easily accessed, and the engravings are easily viewed from the raised platforms. Taking a guided tour in the late afternoon is the best time of day to view the etchings as it is cooler, and the light brings out the etchings. The guides can explain the significance of the various depictions to the ancestors. This was a spiritual place for the hunter-gatherer community and later Khoi Khoi pastoralists. In later generations, the site was avoided by the locals as a place sacred to the ancestors.


Near Twyfelfontein lies the stunning natural geological formation called the Organ Pipes. The 150-million-year-old rust coloured columns are over 5 meters high and resemble a church organ. Another local landmark is a granite massif called The Brandberg Mountain or “Fire Mountain” due to the way the afternoon sun reflects off its surface. This natural landmark is the site of Namibia’s most famous rock painting of the “White Lady” which is shrouded in mystery and folk law as perhaps representing an ancestral shaman.


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