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Windhoek is the capital of Namibia and is the starting point for most safari vacations in Namibia. Many tourists want to rush to Namibia’s other exciting destinations, but Windhoek has much to offer in terms of understanding the country’s history.

Windhoek is located right in the centre of the country and most destinations lie several hours away by car. The city is small for international capital and the laid-back feel and manicured lawns are not what many think of as Africa. The city centre lies in contrast to Katatura, the main township where many local live. Katatura still shows a city recovering from the laws enacted when South West Africa was under apartheid South Africa.

The colonial German influence is strongest in the historic heart of downtown which contains many architectural landmarks from this period. These include the Officer’s House and Alte Feste, Equestrian Memorial and the German Lutheran Christuskirche or Christ Church which combines neo-gothic and art nouveau styles. Many tourists also enjoy tours of Katatura which provides a study in contrasts of life in Namibia.

German and English are widely spoken, and many restaurants serve German-inspired food along with what is reputed to be the best beer to be found in Africa.


Access: How to get to Windhoek

Windhoek is the main entry point for tourists to Namibia at Hosea Kutako International Airport. Visitors can catch flights to Walvis Bay and international flights to Johannesburg in South Africa as well as many other international destinations.


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